Tuesday, August 9, 2016


When you meet someone special connecting to your heart, dista​​nce is not an issue with cars & airplanes. I am looking for a true wonderful handsome UHNW white gentleman who I can rely on you, leading to our beautiful marriage and then a healthy family.

You have the excellent husband materials with your warmest heart. You can take really good care of me in every aspect & treat me nicely. You can always protect and cherish me. Most of all is truly lov​​e me unconditionally. You have the understandi​​ng of monogamy & ​​commitment. I don't mind moving out of Hong Kong for marriage. I am tired of being a single woman & living in this city.

You are trustworthy & responsible​​. ​You can do what I want & need as your first priority with good intentions. We can relocate to somewhere cosy, beautiful, peaceful, clean; travel to​ the safest & beautiful places together.

◇ I am ◇

◇ I am a nice ​Hong ​​Kong born East Asian woman in my 40s years  (don't have any Indian, South & Southeast Asian ancestors). I look younger considerably than my age . I am single, I have never been married & don't have any children. I am ​nice, straightforward, trustworthy, beautiful, affectionate & family oriented.​

​◇​ I have a pretty face & natural look, I don't wear too much makeup. I am 5'5" in height, short hairstyle, dark brown-blue colored eyes, fit- slender body. I am comfortable with good quality chic ​​clothing to classy dress up. I look gorgeous when I dress up. I could be the 9 in the room depending on what I wear but I am not in the limelight showing off.​

◇ I am located in Hong Kong Island side close to the ocean & nice mountains. I enjoy good times in clean, peaceful, cosy & nice places with good & waterfront views. I love playing with a family's little sweetheart sometimes as long as she is happy, healthy & beloved. I don't plan to have my own children. I am neither a sports fan nor an athlete.

​◇​​ I like high quality simple-classy-chic custom ​​design, fine arts, elegant & beautiful things, flowers, perfume, SPA, perfume relaxing oil massage, cinema, shopping, techno light music, yachts, beaches, etc.

​◇​​ I have table manners. I like dining out at different fine restaurants of international cuisines (except super ​​oily​ / very sweet ​/ too spicy cuisine - no Indian food & Indian curry smell). Sometimes I like to cook different types of Western & Asian yummy foods. I am not a vegetarian or a super follower of organic food. I do not eat weird foods. ​I like healthy & refreshing drinks, soft paste cheese, sorbet, herbs, fresh fruits & juice, etc.​

​◇​​ I am healthy & emotional stable, DD free, a non-smoker & never used marijuana or drugs; I don't take high risk adventures that could ruin my health. I drink occasionally (just a glass of wine, sangria, cocktail or beer).

◇ I am agnostic, I am not interested in any religions views. I have traveled and/or lived overseas, including nice places in Europe, Australia, USA, Asia, etc. I speak English with mixed accent & a bit of other languages.

​◇​​ I am not keen staying in crowded & noisy environments, the locations of snow, war, high crime area, bone-chilling cold, desert, heavy rain storms, air pollution, heat wave, earthquake, tsunami, hurricane. I am not interested in getting involved with any sexual violence, very strange & weird people, domestic violence, gun violence, political allies' issues & relationships, attacks & protests, extra-marital affairs, drug dealers & ​​addicts, casinos, party animals, wars, racism problem, extremists, maniacs, terrorist groups, refugees or illegal immigrants' activities. Please don't attempt to drag me to competitions, gambling, climbing, farming, camping, hunting, gun violence, dangerous activities & weird events. I dislike the most disgusting looking insects, mosquitoes, flies, bats, bugs, snakes, frogs & rats, smelly things.
◇ You are ◇

​◇​ You are very single, white, around 40s - 50s years old, ​clean cut, at least 6 ft tall. You are healthy, fit, DD free, non smoker; you don't suffer from alcoholism, marijuana or drug use. You are emotionally & mentally stable. You don't often go to drinking clubs & nightlife districts, you wouldn't come home drunk as a lord.​ You are agnostic.​

​◇​ You wear men's clothing (decent, tidy, suitable, chic or classy), you feel comfortable & look good. You are handsome & fit, You are not into a beard fashion. You have good teeth. You don't wear traditional clothes.​ You are neither an athlete & a super sports fan nor a person with a disability. You are not a temperamental person.​

​◇​ You don't have any emotional baggage. You are kind warm-hearted, affectionate, sincere, respectful, well-mannered, positive marriage minded, genuine, generous, gentle. You are willing to fully support a family, you are giving, loving, caring & understanding; easy to talk to but also serious. You are family oriented with values & moral, you can respect me. You can be a good uncle.​​

​◇​ You are financially secured & strong. You can share your net worth & you can open the joint name bank accounts, give me the centurion card & supplementary bank cards up front without delay. You have beautiful houses, nice ​​cars & a nice yacht, etc. You can share your assets & real estate to ensure our family's good prospects & security.​

​◇​ ​If you can buy a luxury house in the south side of Hong Kong island (peaceful & quiet location) that's excellent as our asset for our family. You may hire good private driver and domestic helpers who should be able to take care of our family.

Fine dining, drinks, luxury shopping, chilling out at home, going out, weekend getaways, tra​​vel & live in together. Chemistry & attraction has to be there. You can propose with a beautiful engagement ring, then we will select our wedding rings; arrange our wedding, etc.
You believe that you can be the right man who can meet my criteria & fulfill my requirements. Please ​kindly write back with your real full name​​, your decent photos, address, tel. no., email address & tell me more about yourself. I shall return ​mine so we will talk over the phone & start arrange everything.​​ Thanks.